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A recent survey of small businesses asked a number of questions about their relationships with their accountants and what was important to them - the client! Here are some of the results:-

Q1 What do clients value from an accountant?


  • 62% Said "Reputation"

  • 57% Said "Quality of service"

  • 40% Said "Understanding their (the clients) business"

  • 40% Said "Cost"​


For over 80 years Holyland & Co. have worked with the business and wider community of Leicester and Leicestershire and during that time we have established a reputation for quality of work second to none. Visit our "About Us" page to find out more.

Q2 What Makes an Excellent Accountant?


  • 80% Of respondents said "Cost Effectiveness"

  • 70% Said "Sound business advice"

  • 61% Said "Speed of turnaround and response times"

  • 51% Said offering a "Full range of services"

  • 48% Said a "Willingness to get under the skin of their Business"


For full details of the services that we offer, why not Visit our "Services" page. We believe that we have what you need to make your business life better.


So if you are of a similar thinking to the survey, then you have reached the right place and your search is at an end. We believe that we can not only meet the expectations of the above survey, but we will work to exceed them for you! Visit our other pages to learn more about the people; see our regularly updated commentary on current news / topics of interest.


Finally - read our "Reviews" page where our existing clients comment about their experiences of working with us.



Holyland and co accountants in leicester

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