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We can provide all of the accounting, taxation and business services that you could need

The single imperative in the modern world of business is "compliance". You need to make sure that your accounting and taxation needs are met at the right time so as to avoid missing any of the multitude of filing dates - and avoiding the financial penalties that are charged automatically if those dates and quality levels are not met. We are here to work closely with you to ensure that your obligations are met - and to ensure that you only pay the minimum tax required by law.


Our systems and procedures are designed to help you to meet these requirements  and are all provided by us as part of our service package - and as standard, not as an extra!

Business Management and compliance
  • Preparation of annual financial statements for sole traders, partnerships and limited companies.

  • Financial statements of specialist businesses – e.g. clubs / charities / solicitors / financial intermediaries etc.

  • Assisting you with all of your filing requirements at Companies House

  • Preparation of management accounts – monthly / quarterly .

  • Business management consultancy including preparation of budgets. Comparison of actual to budgets. Statistical and management analysis.

  • Business systems evaluation. Raising finance.

We understand the difficulties facing all small business owners. Let us manage and worry about compliance, so that you can do what you do best - running your business!

Tax and compliance
  • Corporation tax advice and computations. Preparation of corporation tax self-assessment tax returns.

  • Income tax advice and computations. Preparation of self-assessment income tax returns.

  • Advising you in advance of expected tax repayments or liabilities - including how much and when!

  • As your agent checking your records at HM Revenue & Customs.

  • Advice regarding national insurance; Value Added Tax; and Capital Gains Tax. Inheritance Tax. Stamp Duty.

  • Advice and assistance in dealing with investigations undertaken by H.M. Revenue & Customs.

  • Preparation of Trust accounts and tax returns.

  • Wills and Estate planning.

Today the emphasis is on you the taxpayer to not only complete and file your returns, but also to calculate and manage your tax liabilities.

Our systems are designed so that we can complete and file the forms on your behalf. We will calculate any tax liability due - and write to you as early as possible to set out the amounts due and dates for payment.

And we have more...
Audit and quality assurance

Although it is not a legal requirement for most companies to have an audit under the Companies Act 2006, the benefits of a full statutory audit should not be under-estimated. Audited accounts

 - enhance a company's credit rating

 - provide additional reassurance to banks / finance companies / and other lenders regarding the quality of the accounts and the company's bookkeeping and management systems. This can often result in an easier path to raising funds and potentially better interest rates and lower charges

 - if you are looking to grow your business, or if your business deals with larger contract sizes or major business customers - having an audit can significantly improve your standing.

We no longer provide audit services ourselves, but we can work with partner firms to arrange for the accounts that we prepare for you to be independently audited.

Bookkeeping and payroll

Are you having difficulty in finding the time to maintain your bookkeeping? Are you struggling to come to terms with VAT and PAYE? Are you ready for "Making tax Digital" which will prove to be the biggest overhaul in reporting business activity in a generation? Have you considered outsourcing?


We offer a bookkeeping service that is tailored to your individual needs. As part of this service we will organise the work and prepare your books and records to meet VAT filing deadlines - but we can also provide you with details of your debtors and creditors - and even statements and remittance advices for you to use.


We have found that numbers of clients are confused and frustrated by the PAYE "Real Time Information" system. Let us take the worry away from you. We can prepare your payroll on a weekly / monthly basis as you require - provide you with payslips for your employees - advise you in good time of your PAYE payments - and ensure that the new RTI filing deadlines are met.

"Making tax Digital for VAT" is already with us. "Making tax Digital" for Income Tax and Corporation Tax are coming soon. Are you ready and compliant? We can help.


Expensive? Not really - considering the re-assurance for you - and the time savings for you and / or your staff can be used for income generation in your business.


And the best part is the price...

We understand our clients and the economics of the world in which we live. Cost is always a factor, but we believe that you can have a high quality service without breaking the bank.


Our services are individually tailored to you the client, so you only pay for the work that we do on your affairs. In addition, we have a range of options that allow you to spread the cost to suit your particular circumstances and cash flow requirements.

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